james town

  • Period: to

    james town

  • James

    Granted a charter to the virgina Company.
  • Fort

    James fort is completed.
  • welcomed by indiands...

    welcomed by indiands...
    moevd up the james river and stoped at kecoughtan we were welcomed by indians
  • Death

    Over half of the colonist died from starvation.
  • Smith

    Smith is accused of causing the deaths of his men on the expedition, tried, and condemned to be hung. Christopher Newport returns on the John and Francis with the first supply of food and additional settlers; Newport halts the Smith execution.
  • Hurricane

    A hurricane sinks one ship; the flag ship Sea Venture (with Thomas Gates, George Somers, John Rolfe) is tossed about for four days before lodging on a reef in Bermuda; all 150 on board and the supplies are saved; the colonists begin rebuilding two boats from the wreckage.
  • Tobaco

    John Rolfe tries a crop of tobaco to help save the Jamestown settlement.
  • Hostage!!!!!

    Captain Argall captures Pocahontas and brings her to Jamestown as a hostage.
  • Pocahontas

    Pocahontas dies in Graveend, England
  • George

    George yeardle arived in virginia posted newly appointed governor.
  • Representative

    General assembly of the colony of virginia met at chuurch in james town until august, 4th,1619.
  • Bermuda

    Bermuda, the Seaflower is blown up due to the negligence of the Captain's son.