Jamestown Timeline

  • Jamestown Discovery

    Jamestown Discovery
    Jamestown was discovered.
  • Men Exploring

    Men Exploring
    23 men went on a exploration up the James River.
  • John Smith Captured

    John Smith Captured
    John Smith got captured by the Powhatans.
  • John Smith Released

    John Smith Released
    John Smith was released from the Powhatans!
  • Period: to

    Collecting Food

    The people of Jamestown go to find food to eat.
  • Period: to

    People are Deing

    60 people are still alive out of 500. The rest are dead.
  • Pocahontas

    Pocahontas gets married to John Rolfe. John Rolfe also planted the first tobacco plant in 1612.
  • Pocahontas dies

    Pocahontas dies
    Pocahontas dies. :(
  • House of Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    The beginning of the House of Burgesses. This was the New World's first form of representative government. Burgesses were elected by the Colonists and directly represented them.
  • African Slaves Arrive

    African Slaves Arrive
    African Slaves Arrive in Jamestown
  • Pilgrims

    The Pilgrims arive.
  • Opechancanough

    Opechancanough leads the massacure against the settlers. Also in 1621 the leader of Wampanoug establishes peace with the pilgrims.
  • Letter of Concil in Virgina

    Letter of Concil in Virgina
    The letter of Council in Virginia to the Virginia Company got there letter. This letter probably told them how to make their Company better and what is wrong with the Virginia Company.
  • Kings Rights

    Kings Rights
    The Kings Right to dissolve the Virginia Company is upheld. Jamestown Colony becomes the sole property of King James the First.
  • King James

    King James
    King James died today.