Erzincan Judiciary Case

By hdn
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    Erzincan prosecutor initiates investigation into Islamic İsmailağa community

    Erzincan chief prosecutor İlhan Cihaner initiates an investigation against a religious group called the İsmailağa community. It is alleged that children are being given religious education in houses belonging to the Medine Foundation, daily Radikal reports. Suspects begin to have their phones tapped. As the chief prosecutor prepares for an operation, someone warns the community, telling members to 'take precautions" in a conversation that was tapped. Cihaner postpones the operation.
  • Erzurum prosecutor says he has the right to investigate İsmailağa group

    Erzurum prosecutor Osman Şanal says he is authorized to investigate the case of the İsmailağa community because, according to a notification letter, the community is an armed organization. Cihaner did not believe the group was an armed organization. Şanal replaces Cihaner as case investigator.
  • Two members are tapped

    Two members of the community are tapped, saying that the file for their case has been sent to Erzurum.
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    Cihaner opens investigation into the Gülen community

    Cihaner opens an investigation against the Gülen community, which has long been alleged to have links with the government. Şanal, in a statement sent to the Erzincan Governor’s Office and police department, says Cihaner’s orders should not be followed. Cihaner first complains about Şanal to the Supreme Board of Prosecutors and Judges, or HSYK. The Justice Ministry opens an investigation against Cihaner. It is revealed that Cihaner has been tapped since Nov. 3, 2008.
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    Daily Taraf reports on “plan to combat religious fundamentalism” by military

    Daily Taraf reports that a “plan to combat religious fundamentalism” was allegedly prepared by the military and includes plans to bring down the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, government and the Gülen community. Şanal prepares the indictment of the İsmailağa community. The number of suspects was 235 in Cihaner’s investigation, but decreased to 16 in Şanal’s indictment. All suspects are released.
  • Daily Yeni Şafak reports alleged plot

    Daily Yeni Şafak reports that an alleged plot against religious fundamentalism has started to be planned in Erzincan.
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    Leading up to the arrest of Cihaner

    Artillery allegedly linked to Ergenekon is found in an Erzincan lake created by a dam. Some gendarmerie officials and the head of Erzincan’s National Intelligence Agency are arrested. On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Cihaner is arrested.