• Jan 1, 1555

    st.basil's cathedral

    st.basil's cathedral
    construction begins on Moscow
  • peter the great

    peter the great
    becomes czar of russia and later and moves the capital to st.petersburg.
  • Napoleon

    A French general.retreats during winter after a failed attack on Russia
  • Trans-siberian Railroad

    the emperor order tp star building a railroad.it linked Moscow to the pacific port of Vladivostok
  • Russian revolution

    Russian revolution
    It ended the rule of the czars.Lening took control of the power.
  • Red army

    the soviet military -had taken control of the region.
  • soviet union

     soviet union
    russia becomes part of the soviet union.
  • USSR

    Union of soviet socialist republics.the leaders of the soviet union ruled the nation from its new capital Moscow
  • collective farms

    collective farms
    large team of laborers gather toghered to work together.people move from farms by thousands.
  • cold war

    cold war
    a conflict between the soviet union and the US