By sames
  • 19th Amendment

    The right to vote can not be revoked due to a persons sex. Anyone who is of age and not a felon has the right to vote. This amendment mainly gave woman of all races the right to vote.
  • Invention of Toaster

    Charles Strite was sick of eating burnt toast from the cafeteria so he made a toaster with springs and a set timer to pop up the toast before it burnt,
  • Flappers

    A new generation of women. The "Flappers" smoked, drank, danced and partied. They had short hair, wore make up and wore very riske clothing. They also participated in sports and voted.
  • Band-Aid Invented

    Earle Dickson invented the band-aid for his wife, Josephine. He worked at the Johnson & Johnson gauze and tape manufacturer. He took a piece of tape and put a small piece of gauze together and put it on his wifes injured hand.
  • Invention of Traffic Light

    A detroit police officer was trying to make the streets safer with more and more automobiles everyday. He wanted to take the rail road lights and convert them into lights for the streets to make the roads safer.
  • Volstead Act

    The Volstead Act made it illegal to drink or sell any intoxicating beverage that contained more than one half a percent of alcohol.
  • Eighteenth Amendment

    The 18th amendment prohibited the sales, transportation, and consumption of any intoxicated beverage. This did not include religious or medicinal purposes which many people used as a way around this law.
  • Invention of Radio

    A new invention in the 20's. Before the t.v the radio was a huge thing. It was invented in the 1920's. It started new dancing and many paarties for the people of the roaring age.
  • Invention of Polygraph Machine

    John Larsen a midical student, invented the modern polygraph machine in 1921. The lie detector has been used in police interogation since 1924. The theory is the people have more stress when they lie and this machine picks that up.
  • Q-Tips Invention

    Leo Gerstenzang was inventor of the 1-tip. He came up with the idea when watching his wife putting a piece of cotton on the end of a tooth pick to clean there childs ear.
  • Scopes Monkey Trial

    Scope was tried for teaching the Darwin Theory of Evolution to his class, which was illegal. It was non-biblical and wasnt to be taught in school. in his trial he proved that there was no way to now for sure that it didnt happen.
  • Bread Slicer

    Otto Frederick Rowedder invented a machine that slices and wraps a loaf of bread.
  • Penicillin Discovered

    Penicillin was accidentally discovered in a discarded petri dish. It was contaminated with a mold that contained the powerful antibiotic. It took more than 10 years for someone to market penicillin as an antibiotic.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Black Tuesday. The New York Stock Exchange prices plummeted and continued to fall at a constantly declining rate for a month. On Black Thursday (Oct. 24) A record number of shares were traded. 12.9 million shares.
  • Scotch Tape was introduced

    Scotch tape was invented by Richard Drew, an engineer for the 3M company, which at the time only made sand paper. While visiting a body shop he noticed that the autobody people were having a hard time making two colored paint jobs. He came up with the idea to help them paint with straight lines.