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  • Dragonball was created

    Dragonball was created
    dragonball was created first in japan as a manga of shonen jump. It then became popular and solf 150 million copies so funimation america decided to contract dragonball and made a hit t.v show
  • Dragonball Z was created

    Dragonball Z was created
    It also had its own manga from shonen jump and its original run was upto january 31,1996.
  • Dragonball gt was created

    Dragonball gt was created
    Dragonball gt was created later on and was the shortest of the 3
    it also introduced the super saiyan 4 form.
  • Naruto(pilot)

    it was the first series of naruto and ran till 2007. It's story line was of one boy who wanted to become the leader of his village but had a demon deep inside him.
  • Naruto Shippuden

    Naruto Shippuden
    It first aired on february 15 2007 and is the continuation of naruto pilot. It continues on to this day
  • dragonball kai

    dragonball kai
    The newest of them all is dragonball kai. it is just a revised version of dragonball z. It has only 49 episodes and airs on Fuji Tv Japan to this day.