New Lives

  • Blog - Design & Building

    Design/Layout of Blog.
  • Video Scripting & Production

    The scripting and production started.
  • Begin Promoting To Top Pet Blogs & Organizations

    Offer Dr. Leo Story to other blogs to post on their sites. The story will include a video clip of Dr. Leo.
  • Period: to

    Book Launch Process

  • Add Narration to Video

  • Finalize Video

  • Upload Video,, other video sites.
  • Review/Finalize and Publish Blog

    The blog will go live and content added.
  • Period: to

    Create Individual Contest Terms and Script

  • Period: to

    Search for Contest Sponsors

  • Press Release About Dr. Leo Story & Video

  • Period: to

    Create Shelter Contest Terms and Script

  • Period: to

    Promote Dr. Leo story

    Promote Dr. Leo Story and video to other top pet blogs.
  • Finalize Individual Contest

    Finalize and post contest live on blog.
  • Period: to

    Indivual Contest Runs With All Entries

  • Press Release About Individual Contest

  • Period: to

    Run Shelter Contest

  • Press Release about Shelter Contest

  • Period: to

    Create Bonuses for Book Promotion

    This may include interview with Dr. Marty. Interview with Dr. Leo's Owner.
  • Top 10 Finalist Announced For Individual Contest

  • Begin Official Book Promotion

    This is when we'll begin specifically promoting the book through the blog and other blogs.
  • Press Release about Shelter Finalist

  • Period: to

    Top 10 Individual & Shelter Finalists Compete

  • Press Release About Individual Finalist

  • Official Book Launch!!!

  • Winner of Individual & Shelter Contest Announced

  • Press Release About Book