Blood Beast

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    Blood Beast

  • Nightmare

    In this event, the main character Grubbs Grady is having nightmares. These nightmares have been going on for a while now. In these dreams, there have been some of the demons that he recently faced. He also has dreams of becoming a warewolf. The reason why he is having dreams of becoming a warewolf id because his family has a long life of family members that have become warewolves. The reason why I chose this picture is becasue it represents the demons that he has fought, and dreamed about
  • Little Brother

    Little Brother
    In this event, Grubbs is trying to convince his friends at school to hang out with his other friend Billy. Although Billy is Grubb's friend, he is also his brother. The strange thing is that Billy doesn't no. Thats one of the reasons why Grubbs is such good friends with him. Billy and Grubbs have been friends since they met. Even before Grubbs found out that they were brothers. This picture represents how lonely Billy is, and how he feels left out.
  • Party

    This event is about a party that Grubbs threw for all of his friends. At this party Grubb's magical powers finally came out. The kids were playing spin the bottle when the powers came out. Grubbs was looking at the bottle, and it magically lifted into the air and broke. All of his friends thought it was a magic trick, but Grubbs knew it was real magic. The reason why I chose this picture is becausse it shows how shocked and suprised the kids were after the bottle broke.
  • Warewolf

    This event is important is becasue these are the first signs that we see that Grubbs is turning into a warewolf. Grubbs is very scared becasue if you were a warewolf, you would be killed so you don't hurt anyone. He wakes up digging in his sleep. The reason why he thinks he is a warewolf is becasue he is completely hairy and is body is distorted. The reason why I picked this picture is because it shows ho he walks the night as a warewolf.
  • The Cave

    The Cave
    This event is important for many reasons. The main reason why this event is important is because Grubbs best friend Loch died in a cave that they found one day while they were digging for treasure. In the cave was Grubbs, Loh, and Billy. Billy is Grubb's secret brother. The reason why his death was important was becasue the death of his friend could lead to the opening of a tunnel at which demons can pass. The reason why I chose this picture is because it shows that Grubb's friend Loch died
  • Juni

    This event is important for many reasons. Grubb's old friend Juni is back. She has come to council Grubbs and Billy about the death of Loch. This is alsoimportant becasue Grubb's uncle Dervish likes Juni. They first met Juni when they were trapped on the studio of Slawter. There, they were faced to battle with demons. This picture represents how Juni and Grubbs were talking to try tohelp him get over the death of Loch.
  • Scared

    This event is abput when Grubbs relizes that his uncle Dervish call the Lambs. Grubbs is surprised that his uncle would leave him to die in the hands of the Lambs. He thought that his uncle would stick by him no matter what. Also, he feels betrayed. He trusted his uncle, He can't believe he would do such a thing. This picture represents how scared Grubbs felt when he relized that his unce call the Lambs.
  • The Lambs

    The Lambs
    In this event, Grubbs is running away from the Lambs. The Lambs have come to kill Grubbs because he is turning into a warewolf. He is running to the cave where his friend Loch died. He is going to go there and wait for Juni to come get him. After Juni comes and finds hiim, they will go run away. On the way, Grubbs had to kill some of the Lambs to get to the cave. This picture represents how fast and hard Grubbs had to run to escape from the Lambs.
  • Run Away

    Run Away
    This event represents how Grubbs and Juni are running away from the Lambs. They are running away becasue the Lambs want to kill Grubbs becasue he is turning into a warewolf. Juni and Grubbs have to travel really far so the lambs can't find or track them. Juni is the one person that Grubbs thinks he can trust. He thinks of her as a mother. This picture represents how far they had to traverl to escape from the Lambs.
  • The Showdown

    The Showdown
    There are many reasons why this event is important. The main reason why this event is so important is becasue Grubbs found out that Juni is on the demon side. She was working with Grubb's arch enemy Lord Loss. Lord Loss is a demon master and has battled Grubbs many times. After this event, Grubbs is shocked and terrified. Juni took Grubbs on a plane, so he would be helpless against Lord Loss. This picture represents how high they are and how helpless he is.