Robin Hood timeline

By goku726
  • Dec 16, 1189

    in the begining

    King Richard (the Lionheart) became King of England (not exact date just year)
  • Dec 16, 1190

    the legend starts

    robin hood legend was born
  • Dec 16, 1199

    the birth of a new king

    King John comes to the throne
  • Dec 16, 1216

    heads are rolling soon!

    Henry III is King of England
  • Dec 16, 1217

    royal forst laws :O

    The Charter of the Forest relaxes Royal Forest laws
  • Dec 16, 1225

    robert hood? :S

    A man called Robert Hood, is recorded as a fugitive in the York Assizes is this him!!?
  • Dec 16, 1250

    rumours spread

    the rumours contine to spread about robin hood
  • Dec 16, 1261

    william robehod?

    William Robehod, fugitive, is recorded in the King's Rememberances Memoranda Roll
  • Dec 16, 1377

    awwww :( not 1337

    A poem known as Piers Plowman makes reference to the Legend of Robin Hood
  • Dec 16, 1450

    oral legend!

    The date of the first known surviving written versions of the oral legend
  • poem

    john keats creates another robin hood poem
  • Francis James Child

  • poem

    April 10, 1970 robin hood poem created
  • he is a fox!

    he is a fox!
    childrens film of robin hood - animal version
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

    a film
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    June 14, 1991 robin hood film
  • discovery of him!

    Exciting discovery of the Foresters Manuscript (c1670) containing 21 ballads
  • usa stupid meeting

    First meeting of the International Conference on Robin Hood Studies in USA.
  • another meeting ¬_¬

    Second meeting of the international conference at Nottingham.
  • canada join us-a

    The third biennial international conference at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.
  • muppets!

    May 27, 2009 muppets make a robin hood episode!
  • more muppets!

    July 1, 2009 muppets running out of ideas quick another robin hood film!
  • anoying muppets

    September 9, 2009 more muppet films
  • new film! new film!

    robion hood film