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    Andre Agassi's Early Career (not using drugs)

    Over this period in time in Andre's Career he was not using crystal meth. You will see that Andre found success at a young age, and was on a rise before he had his downfall with drugs.
  • Andre begins his career at age 16

    Andre begins his career at age 16
    At age 16 Andre began his professional career. Sporting a mullet and flashy clothing, he quickly became a fan favorite with the young crowd.
  • Andre Wins at Wimbledon

    Andre Wins at Wimbledon
    In 1992 Andre won his first Grand Slam Title at Wimbledon, eating Goran Ivanisevic in the finals as a 14 seed. Andre the Giant is born
  • Andre Wins U.S. Open

    Andre Wins U.S. Open
    In 1994 Andre was victorious in the U.S. Open for the first time in his career. Ranked at 20, Agassi won his second career Grand Slam Title.
  • Andre Wins Gold Medal at Olympics

    Andre Wins Gold Medal at Olympics
    Andre's play was flawless winning his first and only career olympic gold medal. He pronounced his achievement " The greatest accomplishment I've ever had in this sport".
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    Andre Agassi using Drugs

    For this period of time Andre was using drugs, which as a result majorly affected his tennis play. Andre dropped to a world rank of 141, the lowest of his career in 1997.
  • Andre's Rough Relationship

    Andre's Rough Relationship
    Andre described his marriage to actor Brooke Shields as a diasaster. Andre admitted that the added stress of the relationship was a factor in his drug abuse.</
  • Agassi on Drugs

    Agassi on Drugs
    Andre Agassi admitted to using crystal meth over this 1997 season, he only participated in twleve matches over a span of seven months.
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    Andre no longer using Drugs

    In 1998 Andre decided to get his career back on track. Starting with a rigorous new training program, he slowly started his climb to an eventual number one world rank.
  • Andre Wins at French Open

    Andre Wins at French Open
    Andre proved he was returning to true form with a win at the 1999 French Open, after losing in the finals twice in his career.
  • Andre Wins at U.S. Open

    Andre Wins at U.S. Open
    After being ranked outside of the top 100 a little over a year and a half ago Andre wins his second career U.S. Open title, and becomes the fifth player in history to will all major titles, and reaching his first career number 1 world ranking.
  • Andre Clinches Another U.S. Open

    Andre Clinches Another U.S. Open
    In 2003 Andre won the Australian Open for the fourth time in his career.
  • Andre Agassi Retires

    Andre Agassi Retires
    After an amazing career Agassi retired following his elimination from the 2006 U.S. Open. Andre gave an emotional speech following, expressing his love to the fans. He has come a long ways since the 1997 season.</
  • Andre Agassi Releases Autobiography

    Andre Agassi Releases Autobiography
    In 2009 in his new book Open: An Autobiography Andre reavealed his secret of using drugs during the 1997 season, stirring controversy around the ATP and his own career.