Jim carrey in shock

Jim Carrey

  • Jim Carrey is born.

    Jim Carrey is born.
    James Eugene Carrey was born in January 17th 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Carrey. His birth was a great gift
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  • Carrey was booed?

    Carrey was booed?
    Jim Carrey gets booed into heading off the stage in YukYuks (a stand- up comedy joint ) in Torronto. That was his first attempt at comedy.
  • Dropped out of High School?

    Dropped out of High School?
    Jim Carrey dropped out of high school and got a job to support his family. Because his father had lost his accounting job. His father worked there for 11 years.
  • Carrey gets married!

    Carrey gets married!
    Carrey acts in PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED. Then weds Melissa Wormer on March 28th 1986. He was a loving husband for Melissa,or that's what my resources tell me.
  • Carrey has a daughter.

    Carrey has a daughter.
    Carreys daughter is born and was named Jane. He loved his daughter and was an active father, with the job he had, he didn't have much time for Jane.
  • Carreys mother dies

    Carreys mother dies
    Jim Carreys mother dies of kidney failure, Carrey was devasted. His mother had a severly big kidney stone . But Carrey said dhe was a good fmother.
  • Success and sadness

    Success and sadness
    Carrey stars in 3 movies back to back. The Mask, Dumb And Dumber, and Ace Ventura; Pet Detective. Later in the year his father dies of Cancer. Carrey said he was a great father.
  • New Movies starring Carrey

    New Movies starring Carrey
    Carrey stars in the movies BATMAN FOREVER, and ACE VENTURA; WHEN NATURE CALLS. Later he divorces Melissa Wormer. The reason they devorced was because Carrey wasn't home enough to be a good husband
  • Carrey weds again?

    Carrey weds again?
    After acting in the movie THE CABLE GUY, he weds Lauren Holly. Their marriage ended after 10 months. Didn't last long huh?

    Carrey wins a Golden Globe award for his performance in the movie titled THE TRUMAN SHOW. He was so very happy