Franz liszt

The Life of Franz Liszt

  • Birth

    He was born in Doborjan, Hungary
  • Parents

    His parents were Adam Liszt and Anna Liszt
  • Music

    He became a very good pianists at age 9
  • Liszt and Beethoven

    Liszt and Beethoven
    Beethoven recognized his musical talent at a concert and they became good friends
  • Traveling

    He left Vienna to go perform concerts all over the world.
    At this point he was the best pianist of his time.
  • Practice

    He would take at least 10 hours a day to practice in his home
  • Period: to

    His Music

    He wrote his most famous pieces of music
  • Period: to


    He lived with Marie Catherine Sophie de Flavigny.
    They had three kids, 2 daughters and 1 son
  • Re-married

    He met Princess Caorlyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.
    They were married until he died.
  • Stopped playing

    He gave up public perfomances on the piano, and went to Weimar, Germany.He lived there until 1861
  • Kids

    His daughter Cosima got married to one of the most famous pianist in Germany, Hans von Bulow
  • Books

    he published his book about octaves and piano keys
  • Retirement

    Liszt retired in Rome
  • Retired

    He retired in Rome
  • Franciscan

    He joined the Franciscan order
  • Retirement

    During his retirement he joined Franciscan Order
  • Elder

    Liszt devoted his time to both Rome and Weimar, where during the summer months he recieved pupils gratis
  • Grandchildren

    His grandson who became a devout Catholic and was tought by Liszt the piano
  • Period: to


    He tought until his death at Bayreuth, he tought several months every year at Hungarian Conservatoire of Budapest.