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  • Birth

    Wolfgang Mozart was born on this day in Salzburg, Austria.
  • Large Performence

    Large Performence
    Along with his sister, Mozart performed in very large European cities for music lovers and was already considered one of the greatest child prodigies of his time at the age of 6 years old.
  • First 3 Synphony

    First 3 Synphony
    Wolfgang finished his first 3 synphonies at the age of nine.
  • Concert Tours

    Concert Tours
    With their rising popularity, the Mozart family was on many tours for their concerts, playing mainly in the Vienna area. After the numerous tours, Mozart had taken a break in order to find new styles and sounds for his work.
  • ‘Mitridate’ and ‘Lucio Silla’

     ‘Mitridate’ and ‘Lucio Silla’
    This was the first time Mozart preformed a concert tour in years. It was the Italian tour where he wrote some of his most famous operas ever; ‘Mitridate’ and ‘Lucio Silla’. He was incorporating Italian sounds into his music, writing string quartets and symphonies.
  • Archbishop's Court

    Archbishop's Court
    At the Prince Archbishop’s Court, he worked as the “Konzertmeister”, which means the concert master. Here, Mozart preformed in sonatas and concerts.
  • Returned to Court

    Returned to Court
    Mozart had tried to become more popular by leaving Salzburg but after being unsuccessful, he returned back the Court, this time playing at Courts and Cathedrals. He helped many dramas that people were creating by offering pieces of his music, giving him more experience to write symphonies and perform in higher operas.
  • Married

    At this point, Mozart had left the Court because he was still unsatisfied and had gotten married to Aloysia Weber. Instead of having an actual job like he always had, Mozart had moved on to just preforming in public areas, making more money and fans than he had ever done before.
  • Greatest Work

    Greatest Work
    Wolfgangus is writing some his greatest work ever, like his violin and piano sonatas, operas, and other wonderful music compositions. ‘Die Entfuhrun aus dem Serail' was a successful opera with many songs in it that he preformed.
  • Independent

    Mozart was an independent man when it came to music, managing his concerts alone, but in his real life, he had issues with finances. He and his family lived a luxe life, but because he never saved, he had to borrow and return money from others.
  • Job

    Mozart takes a minor court job as Kammermusicus; a person who writes music which is featured at balls and parties. All of the music had to constantly be new, so he was writing lots of different types of music at this point.
  • Unknown Death

    Unknown Death
    It is unknown the true cause of Mozart’s death, but on December 5, 1791, he died in Vienna after spending the last of his years preforming in operas and dramas in Berlin.Mozart died along with the pride of writing 20 operas, 15 Masses, (about) 35 concerts, both piano and violin, 55 symphonies, and 20 sonatas. His achievements will always be admired because he changed the way music was for his time, and the future of classical music, also.