• Being Established

    The Parliament of Canada established a central police force. One hundred and fifty recruits were sent west to Manitoba. The new police force gradually acquired the name North-West Mounted Police (NWMP).
  • A Permanent Post

    A group headed west to establish a permanent post at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
  • One Thousand

    The NWMP now have 1000 men.
  • Musical Ride

    The first officially recorded Musical Ride was performed in Regina.
  • Extending North

    The North-West Mounted Police's jurisdiction was extended northward to the Yukon Territory.
  • Extending Farther North

    The North-West Mounted Police's jurisdiction was extended northward to the Artic Coast.
  • The Royal Prefix

    King Edward VII gave the NWMP the royal prefix.
  • Contracting

    The Royal Northwest Mounted Police contracted to police the Yukon and Saskatchewan.
  • Bigger Responsibilities

    The Mounted Police's responsibilities extended to Northren Manitoba.
  • Reorganizing

    Fedaral policing is reorganized, the NWMP absorb the dominion police and become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police;responsability for federal law enforcement extending to all provinces and territories.
  • Sections Added

    Marine, Air divisions, and the dog section added.
  • Extending to BC and NFLD

    Provincial policing contracts extended to include British Columbia and Newfoundland.
  • DSI

    Creation of Directorate of Security and Intelligence.
  • Women in the RCMP

    Commissioner M.J. Nadon announced that the RCMP would begin to accept applications from females as regular members of the force.
  • Emergency ResponseTeam

    Creation of the Emergency Response Team.
  • Woman Corporal.

    First female was promoted to corporal.
  • Trademark

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police received an international licence requiring those who use the RCMP to pay a licensing fee.
  • Female Commissioner

    First woman to hold the top position in the force.
  • RCMP Heritage Centre

    The RCMP Heritage Centre opens; it is a multi-million-dollar national museum.