Leedstown hall

Joseph Blackburn Significant Events in the growth of Leeds

By dranreb
  • Jan 1, 1086

    Leeds is small village

    Leeds is small village
  • St John's Church built

    St John's Church built
    This allowed religious people to pray.
  • Work starts Leeds Liverpool canal

    Work starts Leeds Liverpool canal
    This was significant as it allowed more trade between Leeds and Liverpool allowing more trade. Raw materials came in while produce went out giving factory owners more money and citizens more jobs. With lots of the world getting thingsfrom Leeds I think we should have grown earlier.
  • Leeds Civic Hall built

    Leeds Civic Hall built
    The civic hall allowed lots of big important meetings to happen.
  • Royal Armouries

    Royal Armouries
    In 1995 this museum opened to let people look into the world's military past.
  • Millenium Square Opened

    Millenium Square Opened