• john pemberton was born

    john pemberton was born in alanta georgia in 1831. hes the man who invented coca cola.

    oon may 8th 1886 dr. John .pemberton invented coca cola in alanta geogia it was first sold at jacobs pharmacy. it starded as a liquid in a old black kettle. to being sold in stores everywhere in the world. form being sold in one spot in alanta georgia to the whole world
  • coca cola bottles over time

    threw out time it became the most popular soda around.from john pemberton coldren to plastic bottles. the bottles have changed from glass bottles to placstic bottles. the logo also changed.over time also from a small print to a big logo.
  • coca cola in the 1940s

    coca cola had a new owner and its was solad every ehere in the world it was sold in round glass bottles and sold in 6 pack cases many people loved coca cola baseball parks sold it as the best soda in the park
  • COCA COLA 1960S

    coca cola was still a popullar drinkk even into the 1960 during vietnam solders loved to drink when they were not fighting. the drink was sent over seas most solders loved to drink it. people in the us still loved to drink it also
  • coca cola in the 1970s

    coca cola strded using aluminum cans instead of glass bottles for people to drink from. more people liked coca cola this way more so they did not have to worry about broken glass. the can was easer to take everywhere. more people in america like the soda in the can
  • coca cola now

    since the 1800s coca cola has changed from the glass bottles to plastic bottles for the people of america. from selling in only shops to being sold in the store every where in the world . the still use the can to put in packs of 12 for on the go and for picnics. coca cola is one of thr best sodas in thr world for people around the world to drink everywhere. its sold in super markets every wherew in the world