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History of Automibile

  • First Gasoline Powered Car

    First Gasoline Powered Car
    The first gasoline powered car was invented by Karl Friedrich Benz. This car was the first true car that was powered by gasoline. It was powered by an internal combustion engine and had three wheels.
  • Four-wheeled

    In 1886 Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the first four-stroke, four-wheeled car.
  • Two-stoke

    Charles Edgar Duryea and his brother Frank invented the first two-stroke car. It had 4hp. The Duryea brothers also set up the first car manufacturing company.
  • Model T

    Model T
    Henry Ford invented the Model T. The Model T had 20hp and could go about 45mph. It had a four cylander engine. Also, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line.
  • 1925 Franklin Sedan

    1925 Franklin Sedan
    The Franklin Sedan was invented by Herbert H. Franklin. This had a six-cylander, air-cooled engine. At the time it was the only air-cooled engine that was marketed successfully. This car had 25.35 hp.
  • Up to Date Car

    Up to Date Car
    invented the 2010 Camaro. It comes with 304 hp, power steering, radio, power windows, air conditioning, and lockable doors.