The History of the Automobile

  • The First Gasoline Automoble

    The First Gasoline Automoble
    This automobile was the first gasoline powered automobile. It was created around 1885 by Karl Fredrick Benz. It had two wheels and no brakes. As you will see, the automobile has gone through a great amount of changes.
  • The Model T

    The Model T
    The Model T was presented to the world in 1908 by Henry Ford. It made a significant change in the world of automobiles because it was available to almost anyone. Henry Ford introduced the world to mass production and the assembly line. With the assembly line, cars were made affordable at a cost of only about $850.00. The model was also significant for the addition of two forward gears, brakes, and a 20 horsepower engine.
  • The First Car with Air Conditioning

    The First Car with Air Conditioning
    An important addition to the automoblile was air-conditioning in 1939. The first car recorded to have air-conditioning was the 1939 Packard. Air-conditioning was great because it allowed cool air to flow through the car on hot days. The comfort it provided to its passangers made the car a lot more enjoyable.
  • The Addition of Seat Belts

    The Addition of Seat Belts
    The addition of seat belts was the most important addition to the automobile because of the safety they provided. The seat belt was first invented in Australia in 1956 and did not become available in the United States until 1968. They started out as just belts across the lap but it was better than not having one at all. The addition of seat belts made the automobile a lot safer.
  • The Addition of Air Bags

    The Addition of Air Bags
    The addition of air bags is also one of the greatest addition to the automobile. The air bag was introduced to America in 1971 by Ford Motor Company. The first American car that had air bags was the Oldsmobile Tornado. Air bags were built into steering wheels, doors, roofs, and dashboards of cars that were meant to protect people from getting hurt in accidents. The air bag has definitely improved the safety of automobiles over time.
  • Todays Automobile

    Todays Automobile
    This is an example of one of the cars of today. There are many different styles and types of cars out today. These cars have many great additions including both luxury and safety. They have come a very long way from the first automobile ever made with still farther advancements yet to come.