• First Automobile in US

    First Automobile in US
    Charles and Frank Duryea built first gasoline power car in America.
  • Modern Convenience-Vacuum Cleaner

    Modern Convenience-Vacuum Cleaner
    This new invention helped people to clean their homes more effectively.
  • Modern Conveniences-Air Conditioning

    Modern Conveniences-Air Conditioning
    Willis Haviland Carrier developed first "Wearthermaker" which was an air conditioner for home use.
  • Mechanization of Labor-Washing Machine

    Mechanization of Labor-Washing Machine
    This invention helped people from having to handwash clothes everyday. This reduced the amount of time people took to wash clothing.
  • Immigration Restrictions-Japan

    Immigration Restrictions-Japan
    Japan and US came up with a "Gentleman's Agreement" which the two countries aggreed upon. It allowed only educated and immigrants with business interests to travel.
  • Henry Ford's Assembly line

    Henry Ford's Assembly line
    Henry Ford's assembly line had helped to mass produce cars faster and made it more affordable for the common people to have one. He built the Model T car which many peole could afford and have.
  • Mechanization of Labor-Tractor

    Mechanization of Labor-Tractor
    Developed first in 1893 by John Froelich, it became popular in 1917 when Henry Ford began to mass produce tractors. This helped to increase farming production and it was less expensive than hiring other people to do the work.
  • Immigration Restrictions-Immigration Act

    Immigration Restrictions-Immigration Act
    This act proposed that any immigrant above the age of 16 had to pass a literacy test. This also created a "Asiatic Barred Zone" which prevented any Asian immigrants to come into the US.
  • Afr. Amer. Roles-Harlem Renaissance

    Afr. Amer. Roles-Harlem Renaissance
    During this period, many African Americans had traveled up to the North from the South. They wanted to search for a new job and better life. This was also a time music,literature, and fine arts.
  • Red Scare-Bombing

    Red Scare-Bombing
    In eight different cities, eight bombs exploded at the same hour. One target was in Washington, D.C. in the hourse of US Attorney General Palmer.Bombing.
  • Palmer Raids Begin

    Palmer Raids Begin
    Palmer raids began after bombing had occured which had hit Gerneral Palmer's new home along with several other places. President Wilson ordered Palmer to take action and thus the Palmer Raids began.
  • Red Scare Hysterics

    Red Scare Hysterics
    Justice Department under the Attorney General A. Mitchel Palmer, started the General Intelligence Division of Bureau of Investigation. On this day, they arrested over 4,000 alleged radicals in 33 cities, and many of the people were innocent.
  • Begin of Prohibition

    Begin of Prohibition
    Prohibition begins after the 18th Amendment is put into effect. Made manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol illegal.
  • Afr. Amer. Roles-Baseball

    Afr. Amer. Roles-Baseball
    This was when the first african american baseball team was made up. This showed that they could be equal to others.
  • Palmer Raids End

    Palmer Raids End
    The Palmer Raids end with thousands of people arrested.
  • Women in the Workforce

    Women in the Workforce
    Women began to roll into the workforce and new jobs. New York Times had a headline "The American Woman ... has lifted her skirts far beyond any modest limitation."
  • Women's Suffrage

    Women's Suffrage
    Women were finally able to vote after a long battle, and the 19th Amendment was passed.
  • Modern Convenience-Radio

    Modern Convenience-Radio
    The first radio broadcast was made on this date. Thanks to the radio, people were able to listen to news and updates on things happening in the world.
  • National Origins Act

    National Origins Act
    The National Origins Act is established which restricted immigration.
  • KKK

    Klansmen celebrate victory when the Klansmen beat a Democratic party. Burned crosses and burned effigies of Catholic New York Governor Al Smith.
  • KKK-Grand Dragon

    KKK-Grand Dragon
    The Grand Dragon of Indiana was convicted of the murder of Madge Oberholtzer.
  • End of Prohibition

    End of Prohibition
    Prohibition ends after the 21st Amendment is ratified.