Brandywine sign

Penn State Brandywine

By mjs5873
  • Penn State comes to Delware County

    Delaware County commissioners request to establish a campus of the Pennsylvania State Universtiy in Delaware County in 1966.
  • Campus Opens

    Campus Opens
    The campus opened in a rented building in Chester on September 25, 1967, admitting 236 students. They were taught by a full-time faculty of 11, and were served by a campus library consisting of about 500 books.
  • Groundbreaking

    November 1968, the groundbreaking ceremonies held for the new campus.
  • Dedication

    May 1971, the dedication ceremonies for the new campus building. About 600 people attended the ceremonies which was moved indoors due to rain.
  • Library Opens

    Library Opens
    December 1980, Library/Learning Center is officially opened.