Jose manuel zelaya g

Chronology of Honduras' Political Crisis

  • Referendum Announced

    Zelaya announces he wants to wants to hold a referendum that would allow him to run for another term.
  • Public Prosecutor's Office Denounces the Illegality of the Poll

    Public Prosecutor analyzes Zelaya's referendum proposal and finds it illegal to hold, according to honduran laws.
  • Court Procedure started

    A court procedure was started to declare illegal the decree published by Zelaya. This decree would allow him to hold the referendum and therefore, stay in office longer.
  • Attorney's Office declares Referendum illegal

    The Atorney's office also finds the referendum illegal, according to Honduran laws.
  • Electoral Supreme Court orders suspension of Referendum advertising

    The Electoral Supreme Court finds that all advertising being held for the referendum must be suspended because it violates electoral laws.
  • Supreme Electoral Court orders suspension of Referendum

    The referendum project must be suspended since it violates electoral laws in Honduras.
  • Zelaya fires the Army's Commander in Chief

    President Zelaya fires Romeo Vasquez, Commander in Chief of Hondura's Army because he refused to involve the Army in the referendum project. Vasquez refused because he said that, according to honduran laws, the referendum to be held was illegal. Zelaya ignored Supreme Eectoral Court's order to suspend the referendum.
  • Supreme Court orders the restituon of Army's Commander in Chief

    Supreme Court orders the restituon of Army's Commander in Chief. Zelaya's action to fire Vasquez was illegal.
  • Court orders to arrest Zelaya

    The Public Ministry accused Zelaya to the Supreme Court of the crimes of treason to the country, abuse of authority, and usurpation of functions in detriment of the State. The Court votes unanimously against Zelaya. Court orders his arrest.
  • Zelaya arrested

    Zelaya was arrested in one his homes by Honduran Army. He is later flown to Costa Rica.