History of U.S. Border Patrol

  • First Border Patrol Established

    Designed to stop asain workers from entering the U.S. through Mexico.
  • Immigration Act of 1921

    Restricts Southern and Eastern European immigration.
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    Establishes border stations designed to formerly admit Mexican workers, collect tax upon entry to the country and to halt the flow of other immigrant groups.
  • Operation Wetback

    Deports 3.8 million Mexicans
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act

    Outlaws knowingly hiring illegal workers and gets 3 million illegal immigrants started on the citizenship process.
  • Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon

    These attacks forced officials to revise the immigration policy
  • Department of Homeland Security established

    This Department incorporates parts of 22 agencies focused on secuuring and managing the border.
  • House Bill 4437 Passed

    Invests $2.2 billion in a 700 mile wall along the Mexican border
  • Senate Bill 2611 Passed

    Calls for 300 miles of fencing, 500 miles of vehicle barriers and 2400 more border patrol officials a year until 2011