• Spring Break 3010!

    Titus meets Violet Durn on Spring Break on the Moon. He and his friends think she is peculiar, but they are intrigued and invite her to hang out.
  • Club Rumble

    Violet and Titus go to club Rumble. However, their feed is hacked into and causes them to spit out anti-feed slogans and be rendered unconscious.
  • Hospital and beginning of the Relationship

    Titus and Violet wake up in the hospital and begin to talk about different things. They start a relationship.
  • Return to Earth

    Titus and Violet return to Earth expecting things to be like they were normally but Titus becomes depressed because he feels inferior to Violet and because of his bad grades in school. In addition, Violet startes questioning the feed.
  • Nightmares

    Violet and titus start having disturbing nightmares about violence and uprisings. Violet starts suspecting that the Coalition of the Pity are hacking into her feed and causing these disturbing nightmares.
  • Coca Cola Promotion

    Titus and Violet are offered free Cokes if they agree to talk about Coca Cola to friends. Violet makes a comment about carbonation to some girls who laugh at her. Violet tells Titus to take her away and he drives off with her. In the car they have a fight.
  • To the Beach!

    Violet tells Titus that she wants to go to the beach so he agrees to take her. While there, her feed starts seriously malfunctioning.
  • Party Time

    Titus and Violet go to a party. Titus has a dream about a house and Violet interprits it as the fall of America. They play spin the bottle and just as Marty is about to kiss Violet she convulses.
  • Hospital Again

    Violet is taken to the hospital and it is found that her feed is severely malfunctioning. She is having problems remembering things so she gives Titus her memories but he just deletes them.
  • Petition for Free Repairs

    Violet and her father petition the FeedTech for free repairs as they cannot afford to repair Violet herself because they are not wealthy enough as Violet's father is a professor.