Civil War Timeline

  • Election of Lincoln

    Election of Lincoln
    This is when Lincoln ran for president and won.
  • South Carolina seceds

    South Carolina seceds
    South Carolina seceds from the Union soon after Lincolns election.
  • Mississippi Seceds

    Mississippi Seceds
    Mississippi soon fallows South carolina in seceding from the Union.
  • Florida Seceds

    Florida Seceds
    The day after Mississippi seceds Florida seceded
  • Alabama Seceded

    Alabama Seceded
    The day after Florida seceded Alabama seceded from the Union
  • Georgia seceded

    Georgia seceded from the Union. Georgia is the 5th to seced
  • Louisiana seceded

    Louisiana seceds from the Union, it is the 6th.
  • Texas seceded

    Texas seceds from the Union, it is the 7th.
  • First Battle

    Confederates open fire on Ft. Sumter in Charleston, south Carolina. The only casultie is a horse.
  • Virginia seceded

    Virginia seceds from the Union, it is the 8th.
  • Arkansas seceded

    Arkansas seceds from the Union, it is the 9th state.
  • North Carolina seceded

    North carolina seceds from the Union, it is the 10th state.
  • Tennessee seceded

    Tennessee seceds from the Union, it is the 11th and final state.
  • Bull run

    The Union army commanded by General Irvin McDowell loses the battle of bull run 25 miles south of Washinton. Confederate army leader General Thomas J. Jackson earns the nickname "stonewall Jaackson" after the way his birgade resisted Union attacks. Union troops fled to washington.
  • Harper's Ferry

    Gen. Lee after hearing that the garrison at harpers ferry did not retreat he split his army in fourths and sent them on a surrounding mission to harpers ferry. The Union commander col. Miles surrendered after losing over half his forces 12,922 men. the surrendering force was 12,000 strong. Confederate victory.
  • Antietam

    The bloodiest battle in american military history. General Robert E. Lee leads an attack on the north but is stopped at antietam, Maryland by McClellan with superior forces. By the end 26,000 men were dead, missing, or wounded.
  • Battle of Fredricksburg

    Battle of Fredricksburg
    Gen. Burnside in command of 100,000 pluse men took Fredericksburg and defended it from the confederate attempt to retake it. the Union lost 12,653 while the confederates lost only 5,377.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln annouces that all slaves in the seceded states are now free, under the athority of Comander and Cheif of the U.S.A.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    This is the first Union victory and the turning point of the war.
  • Battle of Chattanooga

    General Grant was the commanding general with General Thomas and general Sherman commanding forces of 20,000 men. Chattanooga was a key city to capture for the Union because of the railroad crossings in the city. It was a Union victory.
  • Siege of knoxville

    This was an attempt by the confederates to take knoxville. the Union commanding General was Gen. Burnside. The confederate Gen. was Gen. longstreet in command of 12,000 men retreated after being unsucsessful in take Knoxville and after hearing of Gen. Shermans advance to his position.
  • Battle of Cold Harbor

    Generals Burnside, Warren, Wright, and Handcock were the Union commanding. A larg lose of life ocored about 10,000 union soldiers died in the course of 20 minutes while only 1,000 confederates died. About 13,000 union soldiers died during battle. This was a Union victory.
  • Sherman's march to the sea

    Lincoln is advised by grant telling him to send troops to the sea. fallowing this advice Lincoln send General Sherman south with 62,000 men to cause havic and sp;it the south in half.
  • Appomattox Courthouse

    Gen. Lees Surrender of 28,000 men.
  • Assassination of Lincoln

    John Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head at about 10:15pm.