By vin1985
  • Fleming Report

    This report was going to look at how independent schools could be integrated into the state system, however it was never implemented which wasn't a shock.
  • Butler Education Act

    Butler Education Act
    The Butler Education Act was introduced as a new structure for the post-war British education system.
    Introductions in the act included raising the school leaving age to 15 and provisions for free schooling in three different types of schools, grammer, technical and secondary modern. Although entry to these schools was based around the 11+ examinations, Butler hoped that the schools would cater for varying academic abilities.
  • School leaving age raised to 15

    As the title suggests the leaving age was raised to 15.
  • Clarke Report Out of School

    The followed the 1947 Clarke report and recommended spending on facilities for out of school activities, for the child and parent.
  • Carr Committee

    This actually reported that a large majority of employers were overwhelmingly opposed to vocational study provided by schools.
  • Crowther Report

    This was a wide ranging report on the education of 15-18 year olds. It recommended provision of further eduaction for pupils, especially school leavers and questioned the validity of day release provision for apprenticeships.
  • Primary Education

    This was to put considerations regarding teachers and others concerned with the work of primary schools.
  • Education Act

    This was to place a legal obligation on parents to ensure that children received a suitable education either at school or elsewhere and failure to comply could result in prosecution. Also, made LEAs legally responsible for ensuring that pupils attended school. It also meant that LEAs would provide grants for living costs and tuition fees for students.
  • Newsom Report

    It was said that half of all pupils were of average or less than than average ability.
  • DES

    The Ministry of Education was renamed the Department of Education and Science and the Minister became the Secretary of State.
  • Certificate of Secondary Education

    (CSE) Introduced in England and Wales.
  • The Plowden Report

    The Plowden Report
    This centred toward children and their primary schools and focused on the child being at the centre, but maligned by traditionalists.
  • Education Act

    Changing the character of a school e.g comprehensive and the second part of the act required that colleges and polytechnics to have governing bodoes.
  • Rav Singh was born

  • School Leaving Age

    School leaving age raised to 16.
  • Started my first school in India

    Started my first school in India
    Nursery Schools ware very different from the Nursery schools we had in the UK at that time, more emphasis put toward early year development, rather than learning to paint or socialise. This was what my mother told, mainly to point out that school life in the UK was very easy even then compared to the way in which children were taught in India. She also stated that it wasn’t a bad thing, because you went to school to learn and also be very respectful of teachers.
  • Started Junior School in the UK - Hillary Junior School

    Started Junior School in the UK - Hillary Junior School
    At the time I can remember being very excited and very nervous, but had a lot of friends and cousins who were already at the school, which made the start easier.
  • Education Act

    This act was to give opportunites to children from low income families to attend private schools, gave parents greater powers on governing bodies over admissions and removed the obligation of LEAs to povide milk and meals.
  • Education Act (following Warnock Report 1978)

    This was to introduce parents were given new rights regarding special needs.
  • Secondary School – Wood Green High School

    Secondary School – Wood Green High School
    This was a huge move for me personally because all my friends went to other schools within the area. So to say I was nervous would be putting it mildly, after the first couple of months and having made new friends I quickly settled in and started to enjoy being at the school.
    Back in the early 80’s it wasn’t an ethnically mixed school, I was probably one of a hand full of pupils who was Asian.
    The school seemed to be focusing on science, maths, but also had subjects such as geology which I real
  • Swann Report

    This report titled "education for all", this was the final report looking at pupils from ethnic minority groups.
  • National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ)

    This was created to promote National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).
  • Introduction of GCSEs

    Introduction of GCSEs
    Introduction of GCSEs.
  • Black Report

    Task group to set out assessment and testing, as well as School League Tables.
  • Education Student Loans Act

    Introduced top up loans for higher education students and since then the Act has possibly caused a number of students from low income families to stay out of university.
  • Started College

    Started College
    Started at Walsall Technology College, and then onto University.
  • Parents Charter

    This was to give parents the rights on information regarding school performance.
  • Polytechnics became Universities

    Polytechnics granted University status.
  • Education (Schools) Act

    OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) a privatised body to carry out school inspections.
  • Started at Coventry University

    Started at Coventry University
    Started at University and thorougly enjoyed my three years of studying.
  • Dearing Report

    A major review of the National Curriculum and recommended a reduction in the NC.
  • Education Act

    Huge act that actually consolidated Education Acts passed since 1944.
  • Tony Blair speech Education, Education, Education

    Tony Blairs speech, in which he bestowed that edcation was the most precious gift and changing educational opportunities was was surest way of improving social justice.
    I can remember writing an essay on the three words from the title.
  • Building Schools for the Future

    A large project to rebuild schools nationawide, which is still on going.
    In 2007 The Commons Education Select Committee questioned whether £45bn would be achievable by 2020,
  • The Children Act

    This was based on the 2003 Green Paper - "Every Child Matters".
  • Five year plan for Children and Learners

    This was to form the basis for the 2005 White Paper for Higher Standards and Better Schools For All.
  • End Exams for under 16 year olds

    General Teaching Council (GTC) called for all tests before 16 to be cancelled, both the government and conservatives dismissed it.
  • School Leaving Age

    Governments intention to raise the school leaving age to 18, possibly in 2013.
  • Oxbridge snub acadamies

    Both Oxford and Cambridge Universities have truned down attempts by ministers to persuade them to adopt City Acadamies.
  • Ofsted surprise inspections

    Ofsted surprise inspections
    Ofsted would come into schools unannounced starting in 2009.
  • Teachers not up to the job

    Teachers not up to the job
    Keith Bartley head of GTC stated that according to him up to 17,000 teachers were not up to the job to teach or inspire their pupils.
  • Third Academy fails Ofsted inspection

    Third Academy fails Ofsted inspection
    The third academy to be placed into special measures by Ofsted, the Sheffield Academy cost the taxpayer £30m to set up.
  • Started PGCE in ICT

    Started PGCE in ICT
    Alot of work, but will be life changing.
  • Slimming the curricuum

    The QCA announced plans to slim the curriculum for 11 - 14 year olds, quararter of the timetable would be available for teachers to decide what was appropriate for pupils.