UK legislation on privacy and the news

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  • UK has more CCTVs than any other country

    UK has more CCTVs than any other country
    BBC coverage Per capita there are more surveillance cameras in the UK than any other country in the world - more than a million according to one recent estimate.
  • RIPA

    The Act
    UK Govt passes the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 to allow interception of communications, access to communications data, access to encrypted information and the use of human intelligence gatherers.
    By 2009, relevant authorities included the police, the intelligence services, fraud investigators, government departments and local authorities.
  • Employers may read e-mails under RIPA

    Read BBC coverage of employer snooping powers
    Employers may use RIPA powers to spy on their workers, saying they are monitoring staff computers for viruses
  • EU investigates RIPA as possible breach of human rights

    The Register EU investigates as the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) may be a violation of the right to privacy.
  • More public bodies allowed to spy without warrant

    <a href='' Read Guardian coverage </a> The government announces that more public bodies will have access to communications data without a warrant under RIPA
  • ECHR rules CCTV suicide a breach of privacy

    Guardian coverage The ECHR ruling that CCTV footage of a man's suicide attempt being sold to the national media was a breach of his privacy may lead to new privacy laws.
  • 470 privacy complaints - none upheld

    Read the coverageInvestigatory Powers Tribunal receives 470 complaints and upholds none
  • ID cards bill announced in Queen's speech

  • 24,000 innocent children on DNA database

    24,000 innocent children on DNA database
    Read coverage Police are keeping DNA records of anyone arrested, even if they are later released without charge.
  • Identity Cards Act 2006

  • NotW royal editor guilty of spying under RIPA

    Read Guardian coverage Clive Goodman was charged under RIPA for spying on the royal family
  • Phorm questioned by rights campaigners

    Read BBC coverage Phorm comes under fire as 2000 petitioners sign for further invetigation into the adware company.
  • Poole Borough Council spy on residents

    Read BBC coverage Poole Borough Council place a family under weeks of surveillance under see if they were cheating the state school system.
  • Councils use RIPA to catch dog-foulers

    BBC coverage Councils across the UK admitted to using RIPA to catch littering residents and the misuse of parking badges.
  • Phone tapping a breach of privacy

    Phone tapping a breach of privacy
    Guardian coverage EHCR rules that phone tapping laws breach human right to privacy
  • Phorm conducts secret trials

    BT customers are tracked by the adware company without consent.
  • ECHR rules DNA database breach of privacy

    BBC coverageThe European Court of Human Rights has ruled that keeping the profiles of those who have been arrested but released without charge is a breach of their rights.
  • Police can hack PC's without warrant

    Police can hack PC's without warrant
    Independent coverage Police may 'hack' or track computers at a distance without a warrant under RIPA.
  • All comms data to be held by ISPs

    Guardian coverage Details (not content) of phone calls, e-mails and texts to be held by communications services for 12 months.
  • Europe sues UK over Phorm

    Register coverage The European Commission reveals plans to sue over covert trials of Phorm by BT and other service providers.
  • Intercept Modernisation Programme consultation launched

  • Internet cutoff for file-sharers

    Internet cutoff for file-sharers
    Guardian coverage Illegal filesharers may lose their internet connections in draconian measures introduced by Peter Mandelson.
  • Launch of child safety

    Telegraph coverageLaunch of the Independent Safeguarding Authority to assess the suitability of those working with children.