Salem Legal Disputes

By rgivey
  • Paris Takes the Pulpit

    Paris Takes the Pulpit
    WHO: Reverend Samuel WHAT: Parris preaches in Salem Village for the first time in spite of opposition in the town. WHERE: Salem Village Meeting House WHY: During this time, preachers who did not have an official congregations would travel to neighboring meeting houses. Soon after preaching in Salem Village, Parris is officially hired and this becomes his congregation.
  • Betty Falls Ill

    Betty Falls Ill
    WHO: Betty Parris WHAT: Betty Parris suddenly becomes sick, and within a few days other girls in Salem fall ill as well. WHERE: Salem Village, Parris' house. WHY: Parris, ever aware of his opposition in Salem, suspects witchcraft. He calls in Dr. William Griggs, who also suspects witchcraft.
  • Fingers Point Toward Tituba

    Fingers Point Toward Tituba
    WHO: Parris' Black servant Tituba, Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne WHAT: These three women are accused of being witches. WHERE: Salem Village WHY: Initially, the most isolated members of Salem Village are sccused. This is most likely a case of scapegoating, where people who are least able to defend themselves are accused.