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  • telephone

    in the 1870s two inveters elisha gray and alexander graham bell both invented a telephone but they had a battle and alexander graham bell won the battle.
  • histroy on telephones

    histroy on telephones
    alexander graham bell was the first ever person that inveted the telephone he did in the same as elisha gray but loike i said they had a battle and and it made alexender graham bell the first inventer of the telephone
  • inventers of the telephone

    inventers of the telephone
    1831 Michael Faraday proved that vibrations of metal could be converted to electrical impulses
    1861 Johann Philip Reis built a apparatus that changed sound to electricity and back again to sound
    1871 Antonio Meucci filed his patent caveat (notice of intention to take out a patent)
    1874 A. G. Bell while working on a multiple telegraph, developed the basic ideas for the telephon
    1875 Bell files first patent for improved telegraphy
    1876 Bell and Watson transmit the first complete sentence
    1876 Bell