US and Middle East Conflicts

  • Shah Leaves Iran

    Shah Muhammad Reza Pablini gets exhiled from Iran.
  • US backs Shah

    The US Security advisor calls the Shah and tells him that the US will support him in whatever actions proceed, they do this after they sense an instablility within the country of Iran. Also because the US is heavily invested in that region. Also to ensure safe return of hostages.
  • Iranian Hostage Crisis

    53 American were held for 444 days by a group of Islamist students and millitants after they attacked the US embassy.
  • Iranian Revolution

    The Shah of Iran Muhammad Reza Pablavani gets overthrone by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni leader of the Islamic Republic.
  • US Ambassador to Afgfanistan is kidnapped and killed

    The US ambassoador to Afganistan is kidnapped and killed by islamist millitans within afganistan, this is one of the reason the US supprorted the mujahideen.
  • US Signs Peace accord with Isreal and Egypt

    After they sign the agreement the Soviet Union interprets it as a military agreement which causes mild hostilities between the 2 countries. The US also did this to take a firm stand against communism.
  • Soviets invade Afganistan

    Soviet Union invades Afganistan to combat the Mujahideen at the request of the Afgan government. The Mujahideen was Pakistan baked Islamist group. The Rebels found support from many nations including the US beacsue of thier resistance to the Afgan Government.
  • Iran-Iraq War Begins

    Iraq invades Iran following many border disputed over past years
  • Iraq removed from list

    Iraq os removed from list of state sponsered terrorists country's
  • US backs Iraq

    They support Iraq over a poet revolutioary Iran, controlled by Ayatollah Khomeini
  • Iran-Cantra scandal breaks in US

    The US agrees to facilitate the sale of arms to Iranian political group that ensured they would do everything possible to get 6 american hostages freed from captivity from Hezbollah. But the deal goes awry and it ends up being an arms for hostages affair. There were modifications made to the deal by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council in which the proceeds of the deal woukd go to fund Nicaraguan Contras.
  • Soviets withdraw form Afganistan

  • Iraq invades Kuwait

    Iraq sends troops across the Kuwait border, mainly US forces disagree with this move and sends troops to Kuwait as part of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
  • Al Qaeda attacks the US

    The US is attacked Al Qaeda, thus the US launches the "War On Terrorism" in which they attack islamist terrorist groups within Afganistan.
  • UN sends weapons inspectors to Iraq

    Even though the weapons inspectors concluded that there was nothing out of the ordinary, the US still claimed that diplomacy had failed. This was their main excuse for their involvement in Iraq.
  • US sends troops to Iraq.

    The US sends troops to Iraq to furher opperation Iraqi Freedom. They were sent becaue of the threat of WMD's by Saddam Hussein.