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Road to War

  • Nuclear Progam of Iran

    Nuclear Progam of Iran
    Nuclear Program of Iran was lanched in the 1950s with the help of the US. The building of a uranium mine, a nuclear reactor, uranium prossesing faclities, and a uranium enrichment plant were the first part of the program Nuclear Program of Iran
  • Islamic Revolution

    Islamic Revolution
    The Islamic revolution which toppled the Shahh of Iran stopped the US involment in the nuclear program of Iran. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Revolution
  • Soviet Troops Enter Afghanistan

    Soviet troops enter the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. War is between USSR and anti-communist grueillas
  • Iraq-Iran War

    The US supported Iraq in the Iraq-Iran War
  • Iran-Contra affair

    US to "Contra" guerilla (Iran)
  • Iraq invades Kuwait

    Iraq invades Kuwait for oil.
  • WMD

    US thought there was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • 9-11

    Osama bin Laden has been reportedly hiding in Afghanistan since this day.
  • Invasion of Iraq

    US invades Iraq.