20th Century Music Time Line

  • Period: to

    20th Century

  • Musical Theater began

    Musical Theater began
  • Atonality music started

    Atonality music started
  • Blues started

    Blues started
  • Begining of WWI

    Begining of WWI
  • United States enters WWI

    United States enters WWI
  • Ragtime hits peak popularity

    Ragtime hits peak popularity
  • WWI ends

    WWI ends
  • The Jazz age began

  • Women gain right's

    Women gain right's
  • Radio programs began to be broadcasted

    Radio programs began to be broadcasted
  • The Television is invented

    The Television is invented
  • Electronic music is starting to be played

  • The Great Depression begins

    The Great Depression begins
  • Stock Market Crash

  • Swing is developed

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes president

  • WWII begins

  • United States enter WWII

  • Begining of the Cold War

  • Harry Truman became president

  • Hitler kills himself

  • WWII ended

  • Gandhi is killed

  • Mother Teresa founded Missionaries of Charity

  • Korean War began

  • Winston Churchhill becam prime minister of united Kingdon

  • Joseph Stalin dies

  • Korean War ends

    Korean War ends
  • Civil Rights Movement begins

  • Rock n' Roll became popular

  • Beganing of Vietnam War

  • John F. Kennedy became president

  • Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream speech

  • John F. Kennedy is assassinated

  • Malcolm X creats the black panthers

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated

  • Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated

    Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated
  • Richard Nixon becomes president

  • Woodstock

  • Heavy Metal started to be played

  • End of Vietnam War

    End of Vietnam War
  • Margaret Thatcher became prime minster of the United Kingdom

  • Punk became popular

  • Ronald Reagan becomes president

  • Internet is invented

  • Gorbachev took office of USSR

  • First Iraq War begins

  • Alternative music became popular

  • First Iraq War ends

  • End of the Cold War

  • Serialism music began

  • World Trade Centers attacked

  • War on Afghanistan

  • Second Iraq War

  • Saddam Hussein is killed

  • Osama bin Laden is killed