Organizing a Soccer match

Timeline created by s.bahli
  • What is the project?

    What is the project?
    Establishing Project Objectives&Goals
  • The organisational context: strategy, structure of Project

  • Draft Letters Sent

  • the quality, cost, Time relationship

  • Moderation Meetings

  • Writing the objectives,deliverables, Scope

  • Interviewing representative of AFC

  • establishing stakeholder

  • estimating risks

  • identifing events

  • Create Project Proposal

    depending on Client (AFC) View
  • Scope management; estimation and budgeting

  • financial analysis, Using Microsoft Excel

  • improving the timed plan

  • combine the budget with time plan

  • Dealing with problems

  • dealing with feedback

  • Project Mang, Using Microsoft Project

  • monitoring the implementation

  • verifing achievement

  • delivering the final output