2020 Technology

  • Quantum Internet

    Quantum Internet
    A new technology has been created in the Netherlands between four cities and it would be an unhackable internet through quantum physics. This was created by Delft and is currently being expanded in the country.
  • DNA-tailored Medicine

    DNA-tailored Medicine
    Personalized medicine based on someone's genes to provide them with hyper-focused treatment based on their specific disease.
  • AI-discovered Molecules

    AI-discovered Molecules
    Scientists have developed an AI tool used in conjunction with research to develop new molecules for life-saving medicine. This technology will assist them in discovering new molecules based on theoretical applications.
  • mRNA Vaccines

    mRNA Vaccines
    mRNA vaccines have been developed over the past year in order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. These types of vaccines target the mRNA to help the body fight off infectious diseases, and will be developed to combat viruses and even cancer.
  • Lithium-metal Battery

    Lithium-metal Battery
    There has been a new type of battery developed to aid in the range of EV's to enable them to travel almost twice the distance they had previously. This would be the lithium-metal battery which stands apart from lithium-ion batteries as it will increase electric vehicle range by 80%.
  • Hyper-Accurate GPS

    There has been a new series of developments in GPS technology that now allows for highly accurate GPS tracking. The older technologies can track within a 5-10 meter radius but newer technologies can be as precise as a few millimeters.