2013 Huckleberry HOA Order of Business

  • March BOD/ACC Meeting

    Review letter to homeowners with request for candidates.
  • Request candidates (and platform statements) for the ballot

    Why do you want to serve on the HOA Board?
    What are your qualifications for holding a position on the HOA Board?
  • Collect platform statements from candidates including incumbents

  • April BOD / ACC Meeting

    Prep for election and May 8 Annual Membership Business Meeting
  • Distribute election ballot with platform statements of candidates

  • Receive election ballots from membership

  • Annual Business Meeting

    Chaired jointly by old BOD and new BOD
    Announce election results - Introduce new Board
    Old Business (accomplishments) – old Board
    New Business (opportunities) – new Board
    Questions / suggestions / comments from membership
    Financial statement
  • Hold Annual BOD meeting – new Board

    Elect officers within the Board (President, Secretary, etc.)
    Develop Budget Proposal - within 2 weeks
  • May BOD / ACC Meeting

    First joint meeting with incoming board. Work on transition.
  • Send out annual budget

  • June BOC / ACC meeting

    Second joint meeting with incoming board. Work on transition.
  • Budget Approval

    automatically approved if not protested within 30 days
  • Send out Annual Assessment

  • New board takes office

  • Annual assessment due

  • August BOD/ACC Meeting