2012-13 EKES Fundraisers

  • Kindergarten/ 2nd grade Yankee Candle catalog sale- START DATE

    Yankee candle fundraiser begins- runs through Oct 24th.
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    Kindergarten/2nd grade Yankee Candle Catalog Sale

    Yankee Candle catalog sale for Sargent Camp. Runs Oct 10-24. Orders must be turned in Oct. 24th. Please collect $ while taking orders (checks made out to EKES PTO). Products delivered shortly after Thanksgiving.
  • 5th grade scratch ticket fundraiser

    Each 5th grade student will receive a 1 Scratch Booklet. They ask friends, family and neighbors to simply SCRATCH a few dots. The total amount scratched would be their donation. Donations vary between .50 and $3.00. They more they scratch, the bigger the donation. For donating, they are given valuable coupons, in return. Coupons include discounts at Pizza Hut, Jiffy Lube, JC Penney, Regal Cinemas and more.
  • Kindergarten Bake Sale @ Camp David Soccer- 8:30 AM

    Sargent Camp Kindergarten sale of bake good, snacks, water, juice and coffee at Camp David soccer. Location- EKES fields. Time- 8:30 AM.
  • PTO social and fundraiser @ McBride home, 68 Depot Rd.

    Willow House product sale and raffle to benefit the PTO. Location- Kim McBride's home, 68 Depot Rd. Time- 7-9PM.
  • Kindergarten/ 2nd grade Yankee Candle catalog sale- END DATE

    Yankee Candle catalog sale ends. Please have checks made out to EKES PTO. Delivery shortly after Thanksgiving. UPDATE: Candles have arrived! Please contact Michelle Sullivan (KG and 2O) to pick up your shipment.
  • 4th grade- 12 Days of Christmas Cash Calendar- START DATE

    4th grade Sargent Camp fundraiser. Each student has 20 days to sell 10 tickets at $5 each. On Nov. 20th, money is collected and on Dec. 1-12 there are increasing money prizes each day- $25 per day , $50 on the 5th day , $50 on the 10th day and $125 on the 12th day.
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    4th Grade- 12 days of Christmas Cash Calendar

    Students in 4th grade are asked to sell a minimum of 10 tickets at $5 each. Selling starts Nov. 1st and ticket $ turned in on Nov. 20th. Cash prizes in increasing amounts are awarded to winning tickets from Dec. 1st-12th.
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    Donation Jar Program- 5th grade

    Donation jars to be placed at Jones Market in East Kingston and at the EK Public Library.
  • 4th grade- 12 Days of Christmas Cash Calendar- turn in ticket $

    Students must turn in $ for 10 tickets (or more!). 12 days of Christmas prize money awarded Dec. 1st and runs through Dec. 12th.
    UPDATE- 30 out of the 38 fourth grade families participated. We did ask for 100% participation but we exceeded our expectations. After paying out the $450. In prize money and the incentive gift card amounts (1st-$30, 2nd-$20, and we had a tie for 3rd @ $10 each) we made a grand total of $1700.00! Then we had two calendar winners donate their prize $ back.
  • McDonagh & Foley Tree Farm Bake Goods Sale- 4th & 5th Grades

    Bake good sale at local tree farm. Room parents to set up a bake goods table at the event featuring several local businesses.
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    12 Days of Christmas 4th grade raffle- prizes awarded

    The following prize will be awarded to the winner of each day:
    Dec 1= $25
    Dec 2= $25
    Dec 3= $25
    Dec 4=$25
    Dec 5= $50 (double $ day)
    Dec 6=$25
    Dec 7=$25
    Dec 8=$25
    Dec 9=$25
    Dec 10=$50 (double $ day)
    Dec 11= $25
    Dec 12=$125 (GRAND PRIZE)