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  • Flour & Food preservation.

    Flour & Food preservation.
    Poverty was high around this time so most families could only afford Bread & gruel. Development of flour, milk pasteurization, and canned beans. this was a time where food preservation became more prominent.
  • intro to new foodstuffs

    intro to new foodstuffs
    The 1920s saw the intro of foodstuffs, the fruit coming from all over the world. Foodstuffs consisted of Instant food in jars, powders, and the introduction of an electric fridge so foods can be kept longer. Developments of vitamins A and D to margarine.
  • Development of fortication

    Development of fortication
    around this time fortification came about which lead to an increase in national loafs and preservatives. Mass production of chocolate and freeze-drying.
  • Development of instant potatoes and chorleywood bread

    Development of instant potatoes and chorleywood bread
    Development of the Chorleywood bread process and instant mashed potatoes. The Chorleywood bread process developed bread at a faster pace and instant potatoes became popular in homes for conveniency .
  • GMO foods

    GMO foods
    Development of increasing company specialization, fat substitute, limited use of irradiation, minimal processing, and genetically, modified foods.