Space shuttle launch

1980s Intellectual Events

  • Guth proposed the inflationary model of the universe.

  • Pluto's atmosphere is discovered.

  • Mt. St. Helens erupts in Washington.

  • Gilbert and Sanger develop techniques for DNA sequencing. (Nobel Prize)

    Two scientists by the names of Gilbert and Sanger develop techniques for DNA sequencing.
  • US Center for Disease Contol recognizes AIDS.

  • IBM introduces its DOS-Based Personal Computer

  • Second flight of Columbia proves space shuttle practical

  • Solar One begins operation.

  • Eli Lilly markets genetically engineered human insulin.

  • DeVries implants the first Jarvik-7 artificial heart.

  • IBM introduces a PC with a standard hard drive disk.

  • NASA Places the first TDRS in orbit.

  • The Tevatron Accelerator begins operation.

  • Murray and Szostack create first artificial chromosome.

  • Artificial sweetener, Aspartame, is approved by the FDA.

  • Spacelab 1 is launched.

  • Humans and chimps are found to be genetically linked.

  • Construction of the Keck Telescope begins.

  • Buckminsterfullerene is discovered.

  • Tully discovers the Pisces-Cetus Supercluster complex.

  • Challenger explodes as it leaves the atmosphere.

  • Antarctic Survey Team confims Ozone depletion.

  • Miller discovers the oldest known embryo in a dinosaur egg.

  • Macs are attacked by the Peace Virus.