1970's Technology Devices

  • Intel 4004

    Intel 4004
    This is one of the most important innovations in the 1970's. About three inventors created this, they were Stanley Mazor, Federico Faggin, and Ted Hoff. They were awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by the very president Barack Obama himself. The intel 4004 was made in 1971 that released the first programmable microprocessor in the market.
  • Period: to


    The first email was made in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson on the Arpanent. The message was preferably to himself but didn't recall the content of the message. Ray has been honored with numerous awards.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    The first digital camera was made in 1975 that was engineered by two people who are Eastman Kodak and Steve Sasson. As the camera was created, it was certainly made with other camera parts. It weighed about 8 pounds.
  • Apple 11

    Apple 11
    The apple computer was released in 1977 created by Steve Wozniak as you can see in the picture. The machine was the one to have laid the foundation for the Apple's trajectory as a computer company.
  • Cassette Player

    Cassette Player
    It is usually referred as an 80's invention but was first marketed in 1979. A new name came in which was "Walkman" that became a portable tape players and the brand is now marked in the Sony's line of MP3 players.