Cold War Malaria

  • Cinchona Tree Discovered

    Cinchona Tree Discovered
    This tree was discovered and it was a possible cure to malaria, or as some people thought.
  • Quinine

    French chemists isolated quinine as the active ingredient in cinchona bark, which helped cure malaria.
  • Patrick Manson

    Patrick Manson
    He found that there was a connection been mosquitos and malaria.
  • Othmar Ziedler

    He invented the chemical compound DDT.
  • Alphonse Laveran

    Alphonse Laveran
    He used a microscope to examine the blood of a soldier with malaria.
  • Anopheles mosquito

    Ronald Ross finally saw the malaria parasite under the microscope.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Ross was awarded the Noble Peace Prize for his efforts towards his discoveries in helping cure malaria.
  • Leading Cause

    At this point in time Malaria was the leading cause of deaths worldwide.
  • Silent Spring

    Silent Spring
    Rachel Carson created this book and showed the cause and effects on humans when DDT was present.
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    He donated $50 million towards developing a vaccine for malaria.
  • Australia

    Scientists discovered how the Malaria parasite has become reistant to drugs.
  • Budget

    The president asked for an increased budget for the National Institues of Health which helped find vaccines for malaria.