1960 Sit-In at Woolworth Lunch Counter in Greensboro, North Carolina

By eschica
  • First Sit-In

    First Sit-In
    Picture SourceFour black students from North Carolina A&T College request service at a lunch counter at Woolworth in Greensboro. After being refused service, they stayed until the lunch counter closed that evening.
  • Period: to

    Sit-Ins Occur in the United States

    Woolworth lost $200,000 worth of business and twenty percent of expected sales. Stores in Atlanta began integrating. The original sit-in sparked sit-ins all across the country including sit-ins at Woolworth stores in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem. Forty-one black students were arrested for protesting. Several of the students who participated in the sit-ins had food thrown on them. One protester had his coat set on fire by a white man, the white man was arrested.
  • More Students Join

    More Students Join
    Picture SourceBy the second day there were twenty-four students particpating in the sit-in.
  • White Students Join

    White Students Join
    Picture SourceWhites students from North Carolina Women's College join.
  • Fifty-four Sit-Ins

    Fifty-four Sit-Ins
    Picture Source There were fifty-four sit-ins across the United States. They occurred in fifteen cities, and in nine different states.
  • Period: to

    Other Lunch Counter Integrated

    By the end of February, the lunch counter at S.H. Kress (another department store in Greensboro) had been integrated.
  • Original Lunch Counter Integrated

    Original Lunch Counter Integrated
    [Picture Source](https://://www.reuther.wayne.edu/node/7621)The lunch counter where the original sit-in took place was integrated.