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Riley, Jeffreys, Space Race

  • The Space Race Begins

    The Space Race Begins
    On December. 8 1956 the Americans attempted to launch a quickly made rocket and it ended exploding in front of everyone.
  • Sputnik

    The Soviet Union launches, Sputnik, which will become the first satellite to orbit the earth.
  • First Dog In Space

    First Dog In Space
    The Soviet Union launches Sputnik II into space, with Laika, a female dog on board to test wether or not a living being could survive space travel. She survived for seven days.
  • Orbiting the Earth

    Orbiting the Earth
    An astronaut by the name of John Glenn was the first astronaut to enter orbit around Eart and he said that he could see everything.
  • Returning Home

    Returning Home
    Friendship 7 fell through the atmosphere after being in orbit for exactly 4 hours, 55 minutes and 23 seconds.
  • First Deaths In Space

    First Deaths In Space
    While testing on the launch pad Apollo 1 astronauts Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were killed in a fire.
  • First Space Flights

    First Space Flights
    A month after Russia sent their first astronauts into space, the U.S. sent their first astronauts into space. The astronauts where only suborbiting the earth for 15 minutes, but it showed everybody we could make it into space.
  • First Space Flight

    First Space Flight
    The astronauts lept off the launch pad, prepared to fly to the moon for 3 days and then they succesfully enter the moons orbit 65 miles above the surface.
  • First Moonwalk

    First Moonwalk
    Neil Armstrong takes the first steps on the moon and says "One small step for giant leap for mankind". They then collect moon rocks and perform experiments on the rocks. Aftert 22 hours they leave the moon.
  • First Space Rescue

    First Space Rescue
    After an oxygen tank explodes aboard the apollo 13, with help from mission control the crew were able to return to earth four days later.
  • First Space Station

    First Space Station
    Russia launches Salyut 1 into space, to become the first orbiting space station. The crew died after re-entering the earth 23 days later.
  • The Space Shuttle Program

    The Space Shuttle Program
    America sends their first space station ,Skylab, into ornit, but its to expensive to keep running, so they send a more soffisticated space station, STS, which included 2 African Americans, a man of Asian descent, and 6 woman.
  • First American Space Station

    First American Space Station
    America launches their space station, which sets a record of 28 days in space before returning with its living crew.
  • First Mars Landing

    First Mars Landing
    An unmanned probe being controlled by scientists was launched and arrived on Mars which sent back the first ever photos of the planets surface.
  • Takeoff

    The space team in the shuttle takes off with a plume of white smoke and a loud roar. The astronauts are thrust back into their seats from three times the force of gravity and the 2 boosters and parachute fall into the ocean and after 8 minutes the engines give out.
  • Releasing and Catching Satelites

    Releasing and Catching Satelites
    On the first day the let out a spinning satelite and a satelite that flies farther into orbit. The next day another satelite is deployed and the doctor studies everybodys health. On the fifth day they release the last satelite and take the first picture of a satelite in space.
  • First Year In Space

    First Year In Space
    Russia sends two people up to live at their space station and brings them back 366 days later, completeing the year time period in space.
  • First Space Craft To Leave The Solar System

    First Space Craft To Leave The Solar System
    Pioneer 10 became the first space craft to leave the solar system after reaching a distance of 50 times farther from the sun than earth.
  • Meet A Super Scientist

    Meet A Super Scientist
    Mae Jemison was the first African American Female to be an astronaut/scientist and got into space.
  • First Surface Travels On Another Planet

    First Surface Travels On Another Planet
    The six wheeled space probe pathfinder explores the surface of Mars.