Timeline created by DeanBean123
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The great depression pretty much went through after the stock market crash. during the great depression, there was a lack of everything. cattle could not be fed, crops were failing, money was short, and there were no farmers to put food on the table. that was mostly because of the drought though. this ended in april 1939
  • Prices

    during the great depression, most of the changes in price were pretty ridiculous. for one pound of beef was five cents
  • Agricultural Crisis

    Agricultural Crisis
    since the president was a farmer, he knew the pain. he went around to farmers and shook their hand, also promising change.
  • Agricultural Adjustment

    Agricultural Adjustment
    Henry A. Wallace took office as the Secretary of Agriculture. the Agricultural Adjustment act was then opposed, but signed anyway by the president. It provided for crop reduction through plow ups, and slaughtering millions of pigs. Some farmers did protest, but it brought around positive results.
  • New Deal Programs

    New Deal Programs
    The new deal programs were designed to bring the world out of the depression. These kept being created until 1939, and the US eventually turned itself around once world war 2 came around
  • The Great Drought

    The Great Drought
    This didn't help at all, linking with the dust bowl. bye bye water, bye bye crops, bye bye humans. I also couldn't find the date or time because i'm too lazy to look.
  • Livestock

    During the great depression and drought, there was a big decrease in livestock. they were all being shot and killed for either food, fear of spreading diseases, or over population of the animals.
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    The dust bowl completely killed everything. it killed crops, animals, humans, and it didn't help that it started a drought.
  • War clouds Agriculture

    War clouds Agriculture
    The cloud of thoughts of war worried farmers and troubled them, which slowed down production. foreign markets also started to close
  • Food to win the war

    Food to win the war
    the agriculture department in world war 2 were directed to speed up agricultural research. farmers were using more machinery to replace animals, which led to more land production and would increase meat gain as well
  • war drafts

    war drafts
    war drafts of farmers made it even harder for the production of food and stuff. the farmers that were there where very busy and worked out, which slowed production down even more
  • farm bill

    farm bill
    two more agricultural acts were passed, which set up framework to guide the work of agriculture