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  • Washington Naval Conference

    The world's largest naval powers gathered in D.C. for a conference to discuss naval disarmament and ways to relieve growing tensions in East Asia.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Was a major stock market crash that occurred in 1929. It started in September and ended late in October, when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapsed. This would result in the Great Depression.
  • Twentieth Amendment

    Twentieth Amendment changes inauguration day to January.
  • Gold Standard Terminated

    The connection between the U.S. dollar and gold was almost completely severed.
  • Franklin Roosevelt

    Roosevelt was the first president to be inaugurated in January.
  • World War II

    The beginning of the Second World War
  • The Third Inauguration of Roosevelt

    Roosevelt was inaugurated for a third time.
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.