1900 History of Computers - Camila Gomez

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  • First Key Punch

    First Key Punch
    Th numerical keyboard was created by Herman Hollerith. It could punch digits from 0-9. We use numbers everyday and we can calculate even just from our phone by having these keypads.
  • Modern vacuum cleaner

    Modern vacuum cleaner
    Hubert Cecil Booth built a machine that could get rid of the dust. The machine was built so that the dust can be stored in the machine and be discarded whenever it's ready to be emptied. What they were using before was just an air pump that would blow dust away but not necessarily get rid of. Everyone has used a vacuum for decades and it is definitely a necessity to have in your house hould.
  • Air Conditioning System

    Air Conditioning System
    Willis Carrier created an air conditioning system for a company where temperature control was very important. They had issues with misalignment of the colored inks due to humidity or heat. Carrier was successful in finding a solution to this problem. It’s hard to imagine how the world would be without air condition. Some places wouldn’t be ideal to live in just because of how hot it can be.
  • First Powered Flight

    First Powered Flight
    The Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, mastered the knowledge of flying in the air before they achieved powered flight. They designed their own propeller and a lightweight engine that can support the plane. Traveling has never been more easier ever since the first successful powered flight. We are able to fly anywhere we want to travel to or visit our families, whether it's the other side of the world.
  • Lumiere Autochrome

    Lumiere Autochrome
    The Lumiere brothers, Auguste and Louis, have always worked on films and technical developments when it came to cameras. In 1907, they decided to invent the first photographic color process and stereoscopic cinematography. This invention is a game changer. People no longer saw pictures or films in black and white. It did not only bring color to that but also showed the progress of technology and its advancement.