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In History
  • Invention of Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone. This new technology forever impacted civilization and in a sense made the world smaller.
  • President is Shot

    James Garfield is shot on July 2 and dies from his injuries the next September
  • Time Zones

    The United States is divided into several different timezones to eliminate confusion.
  • Skyscraper

    Through the final stages of the industrial revolution, the first skyscraper was created.
  • Dawes Severality Act

    Attempt to assimilate Native American families by dividing land by family rather than tribe.
  • First Army-Navy football game

    The American pastime begins to take off with the commencing of the Army-Navy football game
  • Sitting Bull is Killed

    The Native American Chief Sitting Bull is killed in South Dakota.
  • 1896

    Henry Ford begins to make war for cars as he invents Ford Quadricycle.
  • USS Maine is Sunk

    One of the key events that started the Spanish-American War was the attack of the USS Maine in Havana.
  • Philippine American War

    A revolt ensues after America takes over the Philipines due to the fact that the Spanish lost control after the war.