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1870s Technology

By RH3157
  • Electricity

    Electricity was invented. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin.
  • The First Car

    The First Car
    The first car was invented in 1769. The inventor was Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot.
  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin
    The cotton gin was invented in 1794. The inventor was Eli Whiteny. This machine was used to stuff pillows.
  • The First Air Balloon

    The First Air Balloon
    The first air balloon was invented it 1810. The inventor was Joseph-Michael Montgolfier.
  • The First Computer

    The First Computer
    The first computer was as big as a living room. The inventor was Charles Babbage.
  • The First Radio

    The First Radio
    The first ratio was invented in 1843. Gugliegmo Marconi.
  • The First Icecream Maker

    The First Icecream Maker
    The first icecream maker was invented in 1843. The enventor was Nicholas Lemery. Ice cream is very yummy, even if you are lactoseintallerent.
  • Popcorn Maker

    Popcorn Maker
    The first popcorn maker was invented in 1855. The inventor is Charles Cretors. This machine makes popcorn.
  • The Sewing Machine

    The Sewing Machine
    The first sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe. This machine was used to sew fabric together to make fancy dresses and furniture. This machine is still in use today.
  • When was the telephone invented?

    When was the telephone invented?
    The very first telephone was invented in 1870 by Alexander Grahm Bell.
  • The First Movie Maker

    The First Movie Maker
    The first movie maker was invented in 1894. The maker of this was Charles Fancis Jenkins.
  • Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy
    Cottan Candy was invented in 1897. The inventors were William Morrison and John C, Wharton. Cotton Candy was originally called "Fairy Floss."
  • The First Airplane

    The First Airplane
    The first airplane was inveted by the Wright Brothers. This airplane was invented in 1899.
  • Rope Maker

    Rope Maker
    The first rope was invented in 15000 BC. Egyptions made it.
  • The First Movie

    The First Movie
    Charles Urban and Albert Smith invented the first colored movie. The first movie was invented in 1908.
  • The First Kite

    The First Kite
    The first kite was thought of in 2,800 AD. The inventor is unknown.