• Courtney - Officially an Intern

    Courtney is introduced to the IPAC Team
  • Courtney is lonely.

  • Courtney is a horrible Secret Santa

    and still lonely!
  • Courtney goes to Austin to escape the horrors of IPAC

    for a week.
    ...and is still lonely
  • Courtney, getting depressed

    about being the only intern.
  • Courtney.... sigh

    starting to hate life
  • Courtney is informed of Kristin

    and grows increasingly jealous of Kristin and thinks she's going to lose her job! wouldn't replace me would you :(
  • Kristin - Officially an Intern

    Kristin succumbs to the power of IPAC!
  • Courtney is offered to stay with ADM!

    and is happy. and joyous. with Kristin!
  • Courtney's BDay

  • Mandy - Officially an Intern

    Mandy is introduced to the two greatest interns, aside from herself.... ever.
  • Intern frolic

    The interns enjoy a lunch at Panera~
  • Jim Goes to Taco Bell

    ...along with every other day of his life