Tayelor Anderson

  • Industrial Revolution Begins

  • The 1st Successful Stream Engine is Built

  • Mexico Declares Their Independence

    Miguel Hidalgo made the first call for Mexican independence.After Joseé Maria Morelos continued the revolution after Hidalgo's death,
  • Michael Faraday's Dynamo

  • Taiping Rebellion

  • Sepoy Mutiny in India

  • Karl Marx's "Das Kapital"

    Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx are two Germans that decided that if as Capitalism grew more workers would become more and more poor. Which, in time would cause rebellions amd capitalism itself would collapse.
  • The Meiji Restoration

  • Franco-Prussian War

    Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx held the idea of Capitalism eventually collapsing. This branched from the idea that as capitalism grew, workers would become poor, and eventually they would rebel, taking over factories and farms. So, in 1867 Marx put together "Das Kapital", exposing the evils of capitalism and the disruption it caused between labor and profit.
  • Spanish-American War Begins

  • Boxer Rebellion

  • Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

  • Russo-Japenese War

  • Franz Ferdinand is Killed

  • U.S. Joins World War I

  • Mussolini's Facist Party In Italy

  • Treaty of Versialles Signed

  • Russia Becomes the USSR

  • Stalin's Rule in the USSR Begins

  • Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash

  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany

  • Germany Attacks Poland WWII Begins

  • Japan's Attack On Pearl Harbour

  • U.S. Declares War on Japan

  • D-Day

  • Nuremberg Trials are Held

  • Apartheid in South Africa

  • U.S. Drops Bomb on Hiroshima

  • Vietnam War is Fought

  • Fidel Castro's Communism in Cuba

  • Mikhail Gorbachev's Power in USSR

  • USSR Collapses and Russia is Back

  • NAFTA is Formed

  • WTO is formed