Emily Akers

  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
    The industrial Revolution started in Great Britain in the 1700's. It was an Era when the use of power driven machinery was first developed.
  • 1st successful steam engine is built

    1st successful steam engine is built
    The 1st successful steam engine was built in 1712, and was made in England. James Watt came up with the steam engin. These were used throughout Britain in coal mines and also in facoties.
  • Mexico declares it independence

  • Michael Faraday's dynamo

  • Taiping rebellion

    The first rebellion happened in 1850. The taiping rebellin was led by Hong Xiuquan. Hong believed he was the brother of Jesus.
  • Sepoy Mutiny in India

  • Karl Marx's "Das Kapital"

  • The Meiji Restoration

  • Franco-Prussian War

  • Sapnish American was begins

    Sapnish American was begins
    This was began in 1898. It began because an american battleship exploaded and the Americans blmaed the Spanish. The Spanish Army was defeated.
  • Boxer Rebellion

    The Boxer Rebellion began in 1899. Because the Boxers started attacking missionaries and the Chinese converted to Christianity. The Chinese government whas fined because they secretly suppoerted the Boxers.
  • Russo- Japanese War

    This war happened in 1904. The Japanese attacked and defeated Russia. Because the Japanese looked at Russia as a threat.
  • Franz Ferdinand is killed

  • Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

  • Russia Becomes the USSR

  • U.S joins WW1

  • Mussolini's Fascist Party in Italy

  • Treaty of Versailles is signed

  • Stalin's rule in the USSR begins

  • Black Tuesday Stock Market crash

  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

  • Germany attacks Poland-WW2 begins

    Germany attacks Poland-WW2 begins
  • japan attacks on Perl Harbor

    japan attacks on Perl Harbor
    Japan attacked Perl Harbor December 7th, 1941. Japanese leader HidekiTojoplanned to attack the Perl Harbor. Japanese fighters and bombers launched over Perl Habor.
  • U.S. declares war on Japan

  • D-Day

    D-Day was on June 6th, 1944. Allied forces invaded France. Big victory for Allied troops.
  • Nuremberg trials are held

    Nuremberg trials are held
    These trials were held in 1945. The Allied Military courts tried more than 200 Nazi and Military officials. Several were sentenced to death for previous war crimes or for being inthe Holocaust
  • U.S. drops A-Bomb on Hiroshima

  • Apartheid is South Africa

    It happened in 1948. It was a racial discrimiination. Divided people into four groups, whites,blacks,colored, and asians.
  • Mao Zedong's people's republic of China

  • Korean War is fought

    Korean War is fought
    The Korean war was fought in 1950. North Koreans attacked South Koreans. The purpose of this was was to unite the country under a Communist Government
  • Fidel castro's communism in Cuba

  • Vietnam War is fought

  • Mikhail Gorbachev power in USSR

  • Persian Gulf War begins

    Persian Gulf War begins
    U.S. led multinational forces into war. Happened in the 1990's. The coalition troops freed Kuwait and saddam agreed to obay limits on military forces and weapons.
  • USSR collapses & Russia is back

  • NAFTA is formed

    NAFTA is formed
    NAFTA was formed in 1992. It was a free trade agreement. It eliminated terrifs on trade between three countries.
  • WTO is formed

    The WTO was formed in 1995. There was 150 countries that were members of the WTO. It helped solve trade disputes.