history of flint michigan wade.c

Timeline created by student01
  • flint before vehicles

    before automobiles were made flint started to make carriages to connect to horses and get places easier.
  • lumber

    flint became a lumber city.
  • population

    u.s census indicated genesee had a population of 22,495. michigan had a population of 750,000
  • william durani

    william took over buick.
  • buick becomes better

    buick becomes largest manufactureer of automobiles
  • arches taken down.

    original arches taken down, replaced by boulevard lighting
  • gm

    gm moved headquarters to detroit.
  • stock market disaster

    the stock market crashed
  • sit down flint

    sit  down flint
    flint had a huge sit down strike.
  • tornadoes

    8 deadly tornadoes rip threw beecher.
  • peak

    citys population peaked
  • flint river

    flint river
    the flint river was still clean
  • oil

    flint had an oil crisis
  • plurality club

    african americans formed a plurality of the population
  • city

    5th largest city in michigan